Sunday, April 1, 2012


Everyone has their little habits, little secrets, little bits of joy. I have mine too. They might be normal, acceptable, weird, or unusual. I don't much care. These little tidbits are what make us who we are.

I am a lover of music. I have no talent in it at all. But I love to listen, dance, and appreciate. I have many artists and groups that speak to my soul on a regular basis. The thing is...I love "bubble gum pop" music a lot too. Every Sunday I go into school to get work done. Except sometimes it might be just an excuse to pipe Ryan Seacrest through the speakers and listen to America's Top 40 countdown!

I say that I love coffee. Sometimes I feel like a liar. I think I just really love the creamer. I get the fancy flavored kind. The coffee is really just a vehicle for the creamer. If I can, I drink Chai.

I have short hair. I like that about myself. It is because of my short hair that I can justify spending more money on "salon" shampoo and conditioner. I figure that since my hair is short, the products will last longer!

I never watch the news. It depresses me. I don't like to hear about all of the killings, fighting, and trouble with the economy and stock market. Say I am in denial. I don't really care. I like to read my news on the internet. And to be honest, my "world news" normally consists of Kim Kardashian, what actress wore what dress, and who just had a baby with their new fiance. I also consider People Magazine and US weekly reliable sources for my own brand of World News.

When I go to Target I always swing through the book and movie aisles. I like to roam the shelves looking for must-have movies that are reasonably cheap. I know I could rent them, but having them on my shelf whenever I have a whim is so much more satisfying. Oppositely, I turn over several titles on  the book shelves to deter customers from buying them. They are personal dis-likes that I don't want others to be suckered into purchasing. I am sure I have been caught on camera doing this hundreds of times over the years!

When no one else is home I like to eat incredibly unhealthy food and watch movies all by myself. I get to lay around in my sweats and live my life through the characters on the TV! (Good thing this is a rare occurrence!)

Sometimes when I am working at school on the weekends I like to roam the halls and peek in other teacher's classrooms. I never get to go in and see what they are doing in their rooms. Sometimes I get really good ideas on charts to make, new visuals, new units of study, and neat ways of organizing or managing things that have been stumping me. It's my own little personal professional development time.

Well, these are just a few little guilty pleasures that I have. They help to make me who I am! What about you?


  1. They say confession is good for the soul - sometimes, on my way to a meeting, I buy a bag of salt and vinegar chips and eat them as I drive. It is messy but so good! Then of course I need to drink a gallon water at my meeting to keep from getting dehydrated :)

  2. I absolutely love lists like this! There are some things on here that we have in common. Can you guess any of them?