Friday, June 10, 2011


I know I missed my goal of posting on Tuesday. I just couldn't decide what to write about so I let the hours slip away like water down a stream.

I had plenty of initial ideas:

  • The book I am reading on poverty and the church. Can we help? How? Do we hurt? How?

  • My ravenous rate of reading the past week or so.

  • My inability to read Non-fiction with fervor.

  • Visiting 80 some year old grandparents and realizing the frailty of life.

  • Researching my family history and the quest it has started in me.

  • My double life: Indiana and Ohio

  • Traveling with your parents

  • Starting Graduate school

  • How to forgive and overcome when a friend hurts you deeply.

Alas, none of these topics were (or are) fully developed in my mind or heart yet. I guess, like a fine wine, I should let them age a bit.

Instead, I began reading some posts by my fellow "bloggers". I wanted to comment, but for some reason every time I try to comment on a post, I sign in, complete the word verification and then get kicked right back to the log in screen again. This is what I know for sure: Technology is wonderful, useful, practical, progressive and yet if fallible.

So, here are my comments (I'll get the best of you,

Ruth: I'll be over soon! What flavors should I bring???

Ann: I liked the way you talked about erasing. I always have a moment every summer where I catch myself complaining about the heat (I dislike the extreme cold and heat very much) and feel ashamed, because my complaints a few months earlier were about the cold. The grass is always greener, right?

Bria: First, are you posting every day? My goal is to slice daily in July. We will see. Maybe you can hold me to it! I don't know the background of these three latest posts. But, I love how each of them holds mystery about different topics. I was particularly struck by "disconnected". I chuckled to myself this past week to watch my parents check their blackberries constantly. These, the people who less than a year ago didn't want a cell phone because "then we will be tied to it all the time". We have a choice. There is an off button.

I guess I did have something(s) to say. Take that, Technology! I will not be stopped (insert evil grin here).


  1. You crack me up! I am so glad you are still posting and have plans for a daily challenge of your own. That possible topic list should help--I am very curious and found myself pretty disappointed that I wasn't going to hear more about a couple of them!
    More posts, please! :)

  2. LAUREN!!! I've missed you. Your voice is so honest. You make me think, and chuckle, and see myself. I've been reading at a voracious rate - but NO nonfiction. Must fix that problem. And I've been getting kicked out a lot when I try to comment, too. I think I've figured it out so let me know if you need some help.

  3. I was just feeling especially inspired over those few days. Then I was at a summer camp without internet...yikes! Plus I was too busy to write anything. My goal is to write more than once a week...we'll see how that goes.