Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Even though it is summer, the stressful weight of time slipping away grows heavier daily. Every day since I have been back from my "trip down south" I have had a list of things to do or complete, or at least start! The last two days have been particularly bad with things let go that have to be gathered up again, dusted off, examined, and ultimately taken care of. Then, they can go onto the "finished" shelf in my mind. However, just when I finish one of these tasks, 2 or even 3 more pop into my brain! Just when I have called about the warranty on my car or printed the pictures to send to my now second graders, I remember to add- call car insurance about crack in the windshield, or clean bathroom, or research a rental car for California trip! Are these things always there to do? Or do they come into my brain now because I actually have the time to deal with them?

Whatever the case may be, I've found my escape! One word: Zumba! I started participating in a zumba class this spring. One of my co-workers offered a class after school and a small group of us started sheepishly learning to move our bodies to rhythm! Tonight, I was re-united with my good friend Zumba. We pretended to ride motorcycles, acted like birds, and even galloped like horses for a short while. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is. That is kind of the point. Lots of people think you have to have rhthm to enjoy or succeed in this exercise. Not true. Ask anyone who has seen me! The point is: move your body, let the stress escape, and smile!

So tonight, even if for just a little while, the weight has been lifted.


  1. I can tell you have fun with Zumba! I keep thinking it'd be another stress point for me. :)
    Glad you love it and maybe someday you'll convince me to try it. Just don't hold your breath!

  2. Have you done Shakira's Waka Waka? We did that for our 'morning exericse' at the summer camp I was at. Some people taught us the zumba moves...it was super fun!