Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Sometimes I feel like life is like a set of dominoes. It can be good or it can be bad. Just never sure until things land.

Right now at school I am waiting. Waiting for the dominoes to land. See where people end up and make my decision based on how things end up. It might not be the best strategy or even a good one, but I am sticking to it. A lot of my new job depends on those around me. I want to see who those people will be. I want to be with a  team of people who want to work together for the good of kids. It sounds easy, but it isn't always how things work out. Even though we all have good intentions, sometimes we let our own agenda or feelings get in the way. I want to be with people who remind me of the kids. I want people who make time to brainstorm and plan and strategize around what can be improved and how things can be set up for success. I'm done with complainers and nit-pickers.

In my personal life I am also waiting. For a myriad of things. However, the biggest right now is a house. I scour the internet looking for new listings each night. I drive the streets of my town looking for neighborhoods that are close to friends, feel safe, and look well kept. I go with my realtor time after time weighing the pros and the cons. Put in an offer? What kind of offer? What changes would I make? What are my non-negotiables? Will my offer be enough for the seller?

You see, it's all just dominoes-- waiting for the dominoes to land.

 Then I can really plan.

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  1. So...I heard that maybe one of the dominoes fell?