Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's funny how habits evolve over time. Everyone has different ones. Everyone changes theirs. I am sure if they were studied, people would come up with generalizations or meanings behind them. People could be labeled and compartmentalized because of them. I wonder what mine have said about me over time.

I always lock my car doors. No matter where I am.

When I taught first grade I liked to keep my classroom unlocked. I got annoyed when the custodians would lock it at night. With my new position, I keep my "office" locked every night. There are too many confidential documents to risk.

I used to come home from school, get on the computer and read "Yahoo News". Now I look at real estate websites and weigh pros and cons of price, square footage and neighborhoods.

Every Sunday I talk to my mom. No matter what. Now my sister, mom and I "google chat" so we can all see each other and catch up.

I used to get up and get to school early, making sure I was prepared for the day ahead. Now, I never know what will come at me in the day, so I don't go until closer to start time, but I stay LATE.

I put away laundry and set out my clothes for the next day every Sunday evening. I like to think I am prepared for the week because of it. 

When pulling in to a parking space, I try to always pull in to the right.

I go the same route through the grocery store, no matter how much or how little is on my list.

I wear earrings every day.

Packing my clothes and driving to Ohio to see family are done the same way, every time.

When eating Starburst jelly beans, I always separate them by color and eat the color groups in the same order.

Now that I look back through these habits, I am not sure if they make me more interesting or more boring. Or does it matter?

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  1. I love this list! Great idea, and while some of this I knew, I feel like I know you better. You also got me thinking about my own habits--the stuff I probably don't even realize I do the same way, every time.