Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Hey, What's That Playing on the Radio?" - R. E. M.

Here's my own attempt at ipoetry. Afterall, I have started a new study of poetry in my first grade classroom. I told my kids that I am studying poetry with them and hoping to grow as a poet. This week's focus lesson on poetry is that poets write what they know about and love. I love music. This is my poem from my ipod...

In my head, Fallin' for you.
Rhythm of love.
Love the way you lie.
Sexy can I, take you there?

I gotta feeling-
I am not my hair, According to you;
We R who we R,
What's my name?

Bye Bye, Chasing Pirates;
Live your life- shark in the water,
Ridin' Solo, Damaged.
How do you sleep?

Just a dream. Just breathe.
Raise your glass.
Fearless love, gives you hell.
Do you remember?

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! Although if your for-real love life has had this many ups and downs and sideways, we'd better talk. :) Just kidding! I found it so interesting to see how the songs on my playlists fit together. It's sort of like looking at yourself in a new way. Very, very interesting.
    Love the poetry and love even more that you are sharing your writing life with your kids. Why does it seem easier to share our reading lives with them?