Saturday, May 7, 2011

To wear or not to wear?

I don't particularly like to wear socks. Most people who know me, know this fact. My students know. My housemates know. My friends know. My family knows. I don't wear socks in the winter. Mainly, this is because my shoes simply don't look good with socks. I don't wear socks in the spring. Same reason. I don't wear socks in the summer. (I bet you know the reason.) I don't wear socks in the fall...

However, today I was tempted to change my pattern. A dear friend of mine has a newly built house. I was attending the open house before her and her husband move in. This is when the problem presented itself. Should I wear socks? I was assuming that because the house is brand new that guests would be asked to take off their shoes upon entering. I was faced with two options: wear socks or change my shoes (and potentially entire outfit to compensate) to work with socks.

Some people might not think it is a big deal. To me, it was a major dilemna. I didn't want to go walking around in my bare feet, but I didn't want to wear socks either! Maybe no one else thinks about this as being a potentially awkard social situation. I do.

What to do? What to do?


  1. i was so wrapped up in my conversation earlier that i didn't get to ask you my you wear socks in winter? here you answered it for me. so thank you. i don't think people understand how stange it is when you take off your shoes and walk around their house in bare feet when everyone else has on socks.

  2. First, love the new look!

    Oh man--this is a dilemma! What did you do? I totally understand, except I do wear socks when it's cold. Not because I want to, but only because my feet get too cold. Purple cold. Ice pops.

    So??? did you wear the socks? What about the outfit (I also understand that part)?

  3. of course i had to spell dilemma wrong... oh well. i also forgot to mention that my housemates and i discussed the situation beforehand and i decided to stay true to myself and go without socks! sadly, as we rounded the corner toward the house i noticed a pile of shoes in the garage right beside the door. blast. and sure enough, when we walked up to the door there was a sign asking visitors to remove shoes. so yes, i walked into a brand new house full of strangers with no shoes on! why is it that somehow self confidence or power or control or something is lost without ones shoes? well, at least i lived to tell about it!