Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Before school let out in May, I sat down one afternoon and drafted a list (go figure!) about things I would like to do this summer. Some were more serious and time demanding, and others were purely for kicks and giggles. One of the things on that list was to learn to make piña coladas. I am not really into coconutty drinks, but it is alwasy refreshing, sweet, and really fun with an umbrella straw!

As the summer has gone on I have had to let go of some of the things on my list. Some of them were just pipe dreams- things that I knew probably would never happen- but I had to keep hope alive. For some reason, August 1st was the "end" to my summer- at least in my mind. I had given up hope yesterday that any fun or sun or relaxing could happen after that looming date. I even went in to school today for a work day with a pretty bad attitude. I was grumpy. irritable. heartbroken. I was just beginning to feel like summer was coming alive, only to have it ripped away like a sudden death.

Tonight I was proven wrong! Summer, fun, frivolity, and fruity drinks can happen after August 1st! While L and I were at the store I went ahead and got the supplies needed for our new drink. It was a whim! And I loved every heart beating second of it!

 With a fantastic dinner, we enjoyed my very first piña coladas! So yes, I got to put a "check" mark next to that dream on my summer list.


  1. Love that I'm not the only one who sort of dreads August 1st, even though there is still a little summer left for us. If you ever make a refreshing, yummy summer drink that in no way involves coconut, call me.
    Oh, and I just read your comment on my slice....so I'll be shaking your purse to listen for a tell-tale sound before you leave my house after your next visit! :)

  2. The beginning reflected your sadness of the summer passing, but by the end there was a positive note to your writing. The drink looks YUMMY!

  3. Thank you for the photos-great to take the time to show us, that you really got to check off your summer plan! August 1 for teachers is the go-to time, I guess. So many are writing about going in, making lists, planning. I wonder if anyone but teacher spouses know what really goes on in summer vacation?