Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Every day is fresh. I am so glad that it is. There are days when I wake and feel joy, pain, shame, hope. No matter which, the day is new. clean. ready to be painted with life's possibilities.

Today the idea of newness is even greater. Baby Josiah has come home. L and J have waited many years for this little guy. No, he isn't biologically theirs, but they have given them their heart. love. life.

As he laid on top of me this evening, I couldn't help but think how lucky this little one is. He has birth parents who loved him to nurture him through nine months in the womb. They loved him enough to plan for him. Care for him. Want for him. He has adoptive parents who sought him, pray for him, yearn for him. He has family and friends all over the world who have waited with breath baited for his arrival, traveled across country to welcome him home, and two aunties who get to spoil him rotten daily.

Yes, new is...
...a blessing
...full of possibilities.

May God bless you with all of his wonderful possibilities, little Josiah!


  1. I too have adopted children, now grown, and remember the sweetness of that first meeting, that blessing bestowed on us. What a wonderful post by one of those who love him so.

  2. I simply do not have words for how wonderful this is--for everyone involved. Please let L (and J!) know that I am more than thrilled for them and can't wait to meet their son--how cool to be able to say that--their son!
    And to you, now a dear auntie, I hope your heart is as full as it sounds in this post.