Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Sledding Slice

Spring fever has started early for me. I am not sure why, but I am already longing for the birds to chirp, the buds on the trees, and the summer months to be rushing toward me. So, the 6 or so inches of snow we got yesterday didn't exactly excite me.

I got home from school today and L shared her idea of going sledding. See, since last summer we have been scheming up a plan to take little j sledding some beautiful winter day. Originally the plan included a snow day where we were free to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, bundle up, and sled for as long as our hearts allowed. Even though it has been an enjoyable winter, this day has never materialized. A two hour delay just isn't enough time for what we had in mind...

So, even though a quick afternoon romp to the park wasn't what was planned, it turned out pretty fun. I even discovered an orphaned pair of snow pants in the closet that I can now claim as my own!

We quickly and haphazardly threw on some sweats and snow clothes, loaded j into the car, and zoomed off to the park. Once we got to the actual snow I realized that I haven't been sledding since... well, I can't actually remember the last time (how sad!).

Nearby was a big hill with plenty of teens and tweens to scare any twenty-something away! So, we opted for the little hill stating that "it would be better for j over here". Soon enough the joy of sledding, making snow angels, and tromping through the dense snow returned to me. Even though I am with kids all day, it was nice to be the kid for a change.

All of this to say, maybe I can wait a little for Spring to come my way...


  1. Yeaaaa!! You are a good mamma! I know what energy and effort it takes (for us adults) to make those memories happen. I've been able to sneak in a few swipes down the snow hill afterschool with my little boy this week and it was worth all the effort!

  2. I miss you! And L! and J is getting so grown up!
    The picture was my favorite, which says a lot, because it used to be (not so long ago actually) that around here, I was the one initiating snowball fights, building snowmen--even after dark, and general fun in the snow. To read about your reawakening was refreshing....but the picture stole the show.