Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As the challenge draws to near its end, I find myself weeding out ideas more and more. I thought I might have trouble having ideas near the end, but tonight I find quite the opposite. I have too many. However, none of them are quite enough.

I could write about an article that I read recently about raising daughters that understand true beauty.

I could write about how tomorrow is the first day of the beloved Spring Break and all of my plans that go along with it.

I could write about how the family is back and how the house has changed with that simple fact.

I could write about going home to see family in Ohio and all that entails.

I could write about marriage equality and the super intense discussions that ensue because of this issue.

I could write about my plans and schemes to go skydiving this summer.

I could write about the happiness I feel and the reasons for it.

I could write about community and what it means for the soul.

I could write about how I should not be left alone in the house with an almost full pan of brownies.

I could write about so many things... and yet none of them have that pull, that twinge, that spark. None of them are quite developed. They need time. They need thought. They need craft.

What could be...


  1. I love this list! This is my second time doing the challenge and I am have trouble writing deeply this time. Your words inspired me tonight!

  2. I hope you keep writing after the challenge is over. Sounds like you have some great ideas!

  3. Your ideas are wonderful! I hope some of them catch that spark you are looking for in the future :)

  4. Great list! I have a feeling that many of those things will end up in writing somewhere at some point in time. :)