Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It Has Started

Today was a pretty ordinary day. I went about my classroom as I entered, clicking on lamps, pressing computer buttons to awaken the beasts, checking schedules and materials and plans. I even started to prepare and plan for next week. As I was getting some materials out of a drawer, I realized that it was in desperate need of re-organizing.

That's when it started. The film was lifted. The fog cleared. The rose glasses snatched away. The need was clear- a list was to be made!

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I function purely because of lists and the need to cross things off of them. I make lists for groceries, plans, things to do, things to buy, things I wish I could do, things to accomplish by a certain age, things I wish, and things I don't want to do, but need to. I put them on my bathroom mirror, on sticky notes, in my car, on my phone, in my plan book at school, on the calendar and any other cutesy type of paper I have handy.

Once a friend even made fun of me for putting "read books" on my vacation list. I had to explain that if it isn't on the list, then I feel guilty doing it, so oftentimes I will put fun things on the list so that they get crossed of too! (I know I'm not crazy, I know there are others out there like me, right?)

 After realizing some things were in serious disarray, I dropped...err, placed everything neatly down and ran over to my desk to start before I forgot. Today started my Summer 2013 list. Before too long, the list had several more tasks at the end.

I already feel a sense of calm about the summer. Sure, I will make other lists for the summer, but my list for things to accomplish in my classroom has started.

Who knows, maybe I will even get to cross a few off before school even ends!


  1. Nothing wrong with an organized person. I think I like making lists because it feels good to cross off stuff and see those accomplishments.

  2. Wow...I don't know whether to be impressed or intimidated by how you are looking ahead. :)

  3. I was totally with you as you described your morning classroom routines. I tend to be on auto pilot in the mornings getting all my stuff done before the flurry of the day begins. You are SO NOT the only one who functions because of to-do lists. I'm also a list person. ;) Good luck crossing things off!