Monday, March 25, 2013


My students and I are currently studying biographies, and how to write them. We have discussed the ins and outs of conveying information to an audience, what makes strong information, and how to make pictures/illustrations that match our words. This has been an involved study. I have learned some things along the way about my students and about myself!

Several students have begun checking biographies out from the library... on the Beatles, Elvis, Big Foot, and many other well known subjects.

I had to chuckle to myself when several kids started talking about Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and the teeny-bopper realm of singers/actors.

I recently read an article about Justin Beiber being asked the leave a hotel in Paris because they couldn't handle the amount of screaming girls the hotel was taking on- it became a security risk for the Beib.

The book one of my students picked out from the library talked in length about the Beatles and their popularity with young screaming girls.

Last summer I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and there the displays on Elvis centered on his sex appeal and ability to make women faint from his dancing!

So ridiculous... or is it?

I have always rolled my eyes at these girls. Pish. Posh. No one is that amazing to scream and cry and get so worked up over.

Or is there?

Recently I realized that I too have a celebrity crush. But, would I act like that? Heavens no... Hmmm?

Even though my students wouldn't know who he is, I began to think what I would say in a biography about him.

He is super talented. He is a comedian who hosts his own late night show. He is great at dancing, singing, and acting.

He is so cute! He has a great smile with nice teeth. His hair is dark and is always styled to compliment the shape of his face.

He is a nice dresser. Granted, a team of people help with that, but nonetheless, he looks sharp!

He is nice. Now, I don't know him, but you know how you just get a vibe about a person? Well, he is always super friendly on his show and likes to make his guests feel good.

He isn't afraid to take risks. He does funny things on his show, where often times he looks silly and others make fun of him.

He is quick witted. He is good with words and has a come back for almost any joke. It's my favorite when he can't hide his laugh, and laughs at his own silly punns!

So, is it really that ridiculous that girls would scream and cry and even faint over a celebrity? Maybe I can understand it now more than I used to. Who knows... if I ever get to see or meet him, maybe I would turn into one of those girls?

I hope to find out... soon!

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  1. I think I would just turn into a puddle if I ever met George Clooney in person. Of course, I thought the same thing would happen when I met John Green - but I think I was able to keep it together for fear of me looking ridiculously stupid. :)