Sunday, March 3, 2013


Personalities can be a tricky thing. I mean, it is hard enough to know, appreciate, and monitor your own. For instance, (according to a recent Myers Briggs online test) I am an ISFJ. Some of these qualities have changed since I was in college. Until today, I would have told you that I was a Thinker, not a Feeler. I have always teetered on the line of Extrovert/Introvert as well.

It's just plain complicated. Knowing yourself, how you act, think, feel, function, and live day by day can become quite like a labyrinth.

Then throw another person in the mix: a co-worker, friend, relative, or spouse. Then watch the fireworks fly! If you think knowing yourself is a struggle, try combining knowing yourself with trying to get a handle on the other person! Complete mystery.

Even though it can be a struggle, it is also one of the greatest gifts: knowing yourself and being known by others.

People all across the earth crave this very thing. They want to be known. Truly. Honestly. Genuinely.


  1. Thanks for putting these thoughts out here. You bring up such an interesting topic. For me, I actually like and marvel at the fact that there are so many aspects of myself that I have yet to reveal- as you said, bring in external factors (people, situations) and sit back for the fireworks. We are dynamic creatures.. I think I desire less to be "known," - more to be accepted, understood...just comfortable in my own skin. We are such mysteries- even to ourselves!

  2. It's a lifetime journey, I accurate to describe it as a labyrinth.

  3. A recent evening with our son and his wife, our daughter and my husband and I we started discussing our personalities. I was the only one who hadn't taken the Disc test. I took it, Eyeopening!

  4. Why am I not surprised you are thinking about this? :) Of course, I would throw in that as we grow into and through different stages in life, we are continually being shaped by people, circumstances, etc. That makes knowing yourself harder, but a lot more intriguing to think about!