Sunday, March 24, 2013


The fam has been gone several days now. It's unusual for there to only be one person in the house for an extended amount of time. It feels akward, unfamiliar, and well... lonely.

Here are some things I have noticed about myself over the past few days.

When alone in the house I...

  • spend a lot more time in my room with the door closed
  • check the locks multiple times, even though I know they are secure.
  • talk to myself- more than usual
  • listen to music- more often and louder than normal
  • find excuses to call people on the phone and talk
  • eat cereal in my bed- I know, could be a recipe for disaster!
  • find silly reasons to run errands, shop, and get out
  • wonder why I don't have more friends to invite over!
  • notice cars outside more and watch them drive down the street
  • think I hear knocking at the door, but no one is there.
  • realize living alone isn't something that was meant for me...
Even as I read this list over again some of the things make me chuckle, and others make me feel pathetic. Oh well. It's the truth. I can't wait for Tuesday. They will be back. Noises. Laughter. Patterns. Habits. Family.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. It's interesting how we handle alone time. You've definitely inspired me today - do you mind if I steal this idea for a post? I personally love alone time and relate to several things on your list. But I DO miss the noise and patterns of our normal family time. Thanks!

  2. When I have a day at home for a snow day I love the quiet. I rarely turn on the tv or radio. When my husband travels I find myself with the tv on all the time.

  3. Interesting how our behavior does change when the house is so quiet. I happen to love the silence, only because it is so rare!

  4. There is something about this post I really like. Maybe it's because I see bits of myself there...but mostly I think it's because I can actually picture you there, doing those things. I hope you've found ways to enjoy the time alone too, but I can hear the longing in your writing for your family to be back soon!
    I've also just read your slices from the past few days. I know you probably can figure out why I'm behind, but I want you to know that I do go back and read the ones I miss when the day runs out.