Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today after school I rushed home. L and I had a list of things to do, and time was of the essence.

While I was getting ready for a quick "run", baby j was in my room playing with my phone. Now, he is quite smitten with it. It cheers him instantly, he smiles at it, dances to its music, and even cries when he has to tell it "bye bye" and give it a kiss. But for just a split second today he was all snuggled in my covers, gazing at the phone with affection, and holding it up to his face. I just happened to glance over. I immediately ran for my camera...

I got a new camera last summer and spent the better part of the summer and fall taking a class and experimenting with my skills. I am not a great photographer, but it is something I am interested in and would like to pursue more.

Of course, when I grabbed the camera the battery was dead. And the kid had my phone, so what was I to do? I decided to just stand and observe. Capture the moment with my memory. Sure, I might not be able to pull up the picture later on my computer, or share it with others, but when I close my eyes, I can see him.

I can see the little toes wiggling back and forth on my yellow blanket. I can see the slight curls in his hair against my pillow. I can see the stubby little fingers trying to manuever the touch screen. And I can see the wide smile of a boy in love with technology.

This got me thinking. When I close my eyes, what other pictures do I see? What other events or places or people do I hold dear in my mind's eye?

Sometimes, just sometimes I have all of my witts about me and can actually click the camera. Here are a couple that are etched within my heart...

(My sister, Raeal and her fiance, Nick this past summer).

(Almafi Coast, Italy. Summer 2009)

(A Kindred Spirit, Carmen. Honduras 2010).

(A little Mardi Gras fun with mom and sis. New Orleans. 2011)

(Clown fish? Taken at aquarium in New Orleans 2011)

(The Bayou. Aren't these trees fantastic. New Orleans. 2011)

(Josiah Tucker Damien Shue. Summer Fun. 2012)

(Kayaking in Bar Harbor, Maine. July 2010).

(Ok. I didn't capture this one. But, I love that it was captured! Lake Tahoe. July 2012).

(The Girl with Personality. Honduras 2011).

(Dad, Sis and me. Athens, Greece. 2009).

So, whether you have a camera or not. It's always a good idea to capture the moment.


  1. We are working on this through Georgia Heard's "Six-Room Imagery-Poetry." The kids are writing lovely poems about the images in their heads... we started with photos and moved into our minds. :)

  2. I agree that sometimes fumbling for the phone or camera to take a picture takes AWAY from the moment. So it is imporatant to be able to close your eyes and just capture it in your memory. You may not be able to post it to FB or put it in an album but it is always in your heart and you did a great job describing it. I loved your photos too--so eclectic --I think you should persue photography!