Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love at First Sight

I spent my day traveling around the city seeing new babies. Two of my cousins welcomed new little girls into their lives this past week. I am glad to be able to visit this week and meet the next generation of family that I will get to watch grow and change. It is always exciting, and a little shocking to see the "kids" I grew up with having littles of their own!

Seeing, meeting, and holding these precious ones got me to thinking about some other special people in my life and how I fell in love. 4 times over. Sounds a little overboard, right? Like I can't commit?

Well, it's quite the opposite. These four boys each stole my heart in a different way. They each hold a piece of me: they call me "Auntie". I can still remember the first time I laid eyes and fingers and heart onto each one of them.

Kole Thomas was born when I was a Junior in college. Sister was not supposed to have him for another 6 weeks, but he had a little secret plan of his own. Mom and Stepdad had to quickly drop off my things at my dorm room endure the 4 hour drive home to meet the new little love. He was teeny. Just passing the 5 pound mark, he was in the NICU for several days after birth. Luckily, I was able to come home the very next weekend to meet this little guy who made me into an Auntie first.

I can't believe that now he is a 2nd grader. He loves Star Wars, Katie Perry, wrestling with his brothers and dad, and playing the piano. He is sweet, kind, and tender hearted.

Second to join the ranks was Reid Christopher. He was born in the fall of my Senior year of college. By then I was living in a house off campus with some friends and I got a call from mom late one night that Sis had gone to the hospital. This one was not as dramatic. He had decided to stay inside for the duration. Still, I was hours away and had to wait a day or two to visit. In fact, for this one, they were still in the hospital!
Now he is in Kindergarten. He loves magazines, books, and any type of reading material. He often takes something to "read" any time he goes in the car. He is notorious for getting motion sick! He has had to learn to stick up for himself. But, he is my cuddler. He loves to snuggle. He wears his hear ton his sleeve at all times. This year he has grown passionate about guitar. Hopefully he will continue that passion into the rest of his life.

Third is our "little Amish boy", Will Michael. He was born during my 3rd year of teaching. By a stroke of good timing, I happened to be home in Ohio the weekend he was born. Unfortunately, I was home to celebrate the life of a good famiy friend who had recently passed away. Even though the occassion was bittersweet, I remember being exstatic at getting to see this little on the actual day of his birth- not something that I was able to do for the two previous.
He is now a rambunctious 3 year old. He tries to stick up for himself with his two older brothers. He loves to play with the dog, suck his thumb and cuddle up to his mama. He is often known to strip down and run around the house without any clothes on! He has the bluest of eyes and the hair the color of cornstalks. He is a true sweetie!
Last year presented another opportunitiy. My dear friends adopted a little boy, Josiah Tucker. They were fortunate enough to be present at his birth and were able to care for him from the moment he was born. I remember getting the text at 2:30 a.m. saying "thunder cats-a-go" which was our code word for the baby's arrival. I was all mixed up about this one. I wanted him in our lives more than anyting else, but was hesitant about the future. See, I live with these friends. This baby would change all of our lives. It didn't take more than a second for me to realize that all of my fears and worries were for not. I was meant to be his Auntie. Meant to teach him silly games, tickle him, and smother him with kisses.
He is now almost 20 months old. He loves to read "Where's Spot?", pretend to talk on the phone, play on the computer, and run around like a crazy man. He steals my heart each day as he "gets ready" with me in the bathroom, tells me 'byebye' when I leave for work, and greets me when I arrive at home. I am constantly amazed at how he grows and learns and develops. He is a true joy.

So, there you have it: my four loves. I was destined to be theirs. They were destined to be mine. Each in their own unique way. For life.

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  1. Ahhh...this was such a pleasure to read. I could feel your heart expand with each new love. I feel your joy in being their Auntie.