Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today I only have questions...

Why do we have to come to a complete stop at a stop sign if no one is around?

Why do all of the best tasting foods also mean the worst for you?

Why is a day spent shopping so fulfilling sometimes?

Why is it still snowing at the end of March?

Why is an empty house so full of weird noises?

Why is it so hard to just say what you feel at times?

Why do people hurt one another?

Why are so many resources wasted?

Why do little boys think pink is a "girl color"?

Why do people say, "boys will be boys" as if it is an excuse for anything?

Why is summer so far away?

Why does the summer disappear so fast?

Why are bathingsuits and 4th of July decor out in stores already?

Why isn't there more peace in the world?



  1. All great questions. And WHY is it still snowing in March? There oughta be a law!

  2. I love your questions and I agree, why is there still snow in March? We have a winter storm warning for tomorrow. Ughhh...I'm ready for spring.

  3. Yes, I agree that your questions are great. I got to shop with my sisters today and we had so much fun in a couple of hours. It felt therapeutic.

  4. Good questions. I wish we had answers to more of them, but sometimes asking the questions is enough.

  5. Your questions bring out the kid in me. I can add so many more whys...

    I wonder why we stop asking questions when we're older. Why do we do that? Are we afraid of the answers?

    Thanks for reminding me of the importance of questions today.