Sunday, July 31, 2011


My church has started a series on Psalm 23. Because of my sporadic attendance this summer, I missed the beginning of the series. Even so, the message today held power, beauty, truth. I won't quote it to you. If you know it, then you know it. If you don't, you might look it up.

The basic premise is about wants or desires. Yes, our culture is "want" driven. Tv commericals, bilboards, magazines, radio stations, etc tell us of the newest and greatest thing-a-mabob that we need. I am ultra guilty of feeling that urge to go and spend. Sometimes it consumes me. Controls me. Even deeper than consumable want is the deisre for something more out of life. A marriage. Children. A talent. An experience. I think we can all relate to either type. The tendency to see what someone else has and want it seems natural to me. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be natural.

The pastor encouraged us to combat this feeling of want in a way that I wasn't expecting. Yeah, sure I was counting on the "spend within your means", "don't compare yourself to others", etc. I wasn't calculating the challenge of: be grateful for what you have and be genuinely happy for others when they have something you want.

Even though the summer has been different than I had planned, I am grateful.
  • For the chance to visit aging grandparents.
  • For long evenings spent chatting with old friends.
  • For sunny hours spent lounging in a pool with friends.
  • For a home where I feel safe, loved, welcome.
  • For far-away friends who are happy to hear my voice when I call.
  • For my job- even though the upcoming year frightens me!
  • For new babies in the lives of so many near and dear to me.
  • For those who truly know me despite my tendency to hide.
  • For the chance to stop. be. think. breathe.
"Be thankful more than envious."- T.R.

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  1. Goog message--and you are right that it's hard to live this. I've been trying to for a while, but it's sooooo hard. Thanks for the reminder and the bits of things you are thankful for in your life.
    Also, congrats on writing your way through July! I see you also have one for August 1st. Does it feel good to have done it?