Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Like A Kid

(For Monday...)
One of the many joys of being on a lake for the weekend include water sports. I have never been ultra-adventurous or experienced when it comes to these kinds of sports. My idea of fishing is laying on the boat, listening to music, and re-applying sunscreen every few hours. Thankfully, this weekend was a little different.
My dad has a pontoon boat- which isn't lightning fast, but can still cause a thrill! Both of the afternoons we were there, we went tubing. Basically, you lay on a big round tube and get pulled around by a zipping boat. It sounds easy, but proved to be anything but.
It was fantastic to watch and participate in this activity. I was surprised at how long my friends were able to stay on the tube without getting knocked off- despite all of my dad's trickery! Even I was able to learn how to "ride like a cowgirl" and domainate the wake and 360 degree turns.
We were all amazed at how the adreanline rushed, and even though we were gasping for breath, we alwasy nodded yes when asked if we were ready for more.
Like a kid, we ran around in our bathingsuits, sopping wet, with grins spread across our sunburnt faces. However, this morning, we didn't feel much like a kids. The pain of our muscles and joints reminded us that we might not be kids anymore. Nevertheless, pretending to be a kid was worth every jolt and bounce-- even if my shoulders don't agree at the moment.

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  1. This sounds SO fun! I've never been tubing, even though I grew up fishing, swimming in lakes and driving around in little boats (more often rowboats though!). I found myself wishing I had been there to give it a try...and then I read the end, did some age-related math, and thought that maybe I was better off floating lazily in the calm waters of the pool.