Monday, July 25, 2011


(This post is technically for Sunday... I didn't have internet access that day, thus making posting impossible).

Two of my  housemates were able to join me on a weekend get-away to Columbus. I (almost) always enjoy trips back home. They are often filled with laughs, love, and good food! This trip was a little different in that I went back for three reasons: 1. my cousin's wedding 2. to stay at my dad's new lake house and 3. to fulfill one of B's Pre-Peace Corps bucket list must-do's. (B could leave for service in the Peace Corps anytime after September 1st).
It is always interesting for me to watch my two worlds collide. I live in Indiana, but grew up in Ohio. My entire family lives there, but my day to day family lives in G-town with me. They knew me from the beginning, but the others know the ins and outs of now.
I loved watching my family and my friends interact this weekend. It is always good to know that your family approves of your friends, your housemates, the people you live life with daily. On the flipside, it is nice to have your current reality be exposed to your roots, your genes, your kin.
The weekend revolved around conversation, laughter, and making memories. All in all, my two worlds meshed quite well. I might liken it to... chocolate and peanutbutter. Both quite nice on their own, but incredible when combined!

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