Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Cookin'

For various reasons our household has been doing some experimenting with food. One of my housemates is trying a sugar-free summer. Yes, you read correctly, sugar free! That means no bread, dairy, pasta, most snacks (except for corn chips), and desserts! The list really could go on forever...
Anyway, for all dinners we have been cooking sugar-free for the entire household. When we started, I commented that we should make a picture journal for all of the meals we cook. So far, I have only taken two pictures. Both meals were surprisingly delicious and very healthy!
This is our first meal: Swordfish (grilled), Asparagus, and Quinoa.

This is the second picture: Flat bread pesto pizza with grilled chicken, basil, red onion and tomato. The "salad" to the side is two types of zuchinni with red onion sauteed with olive oil and seasonings. (The pizza crust is made from rice four).

I have really started to love cooking in the past couple of years. One of my goals this summer was to try new recipes. I will try to add more pictures and posts when I try them out!


  1. You guys make me wish we were more committed to eating healthier around here. :) We have good intentions, but not follow through. You have both!

  2. It can be a pain to when you first begin cooking with restrictions - we have both dairy and sugar issues at our house...and now my husband has developed a problem with "gums" added to processed foods...- but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a game. It looks and sounds like you are winning!

  3. Yep. We have been through the gammit of restrictions this year. First gluten, then nightshades (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, spices!) and now sugar. If you have any good recipes, send them my way!