Thursday, July 28, 2011


I recently watched a movie where one of the main characters takes a group of people into the middle of a busy street in downtown Seattle. Here he asked the group to describe what they saw, felt, noticed. Not surprisingly, people responded with,
"cars honking"
"trash on the street"
"homeless people"
The list went on and on for several minutes as the group got more and more specific in their noticings.

The next scene the same leader and group exited a door on the roof of a highrise in that same city. Again, the leader asked the group to describe what they saw, felt, noticed.
"fresh air"
"the nearby ocean"
It was at this point that the leader pointed out- "But it's the same city. It didn't change. So what did? Your perspective."

I realize that at any given time perspective can be changed, shunned, altered, abandoned, embraced, or adopted. It's slippery, that perspective.

Last week I felt like those people on the streets of Seattle. My brain was overrun with upcoming tasks, responsibilities, and potential downfalls. All I saw was cars honking, trash, homeless people, and crowds. At the time, that was my perspective. It might have been shortsighted, but it was and still is valid.
Perspective maybe should be looked at as a progression. It can go back and forth, up and down, and around. I like to think of it as the Queen in Chess. She can move where she wants to get what she wants. (Some people may equate this with "Woman's Perogative"...)
Today I feel differently. I am on the roof today, looking down. I am experiencing fresh air, beauty, the ocean and peace. I realize this perspective may not last. It may slip away while I sleep or read or even as I write this.
I am just at the beginning of discovering that even thought my perspective may change- and I know it will!- I can validate that perspective for what it was at the time. It was my present reality. That can't be taken from me, judged, fixed, or scorned. It is what it is. Instead, I need to remember that the perspective can and should change. I can see my own growth and change in how those outlooks become lighter, darker, harsher, or softer. There is merit in the journey.
Where are you? What do you see, feel, and notice? Take joy in the journey...

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