Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Thinking = New Action?

This past year I was hired for an additional position than just teaching first grade. The newest position is being a part of my school leadership team and supporting other teachers in their instructional practices. These supports and changes are hoped to eventually affect student growth in a positive way.
During one of our meetings my principal made the comment that as leaders "we will need to check our pre-conceived notions of other teachers and their practices at the door. Everyone gets a clean slate" with this new initiative. I was immediately slapped in the face with my own guilt toward NOT previously doing this. For some reason, this charge has been running through my mind periodically through the summer as I think about the upcoming year and working closely with other teachers. I don't want to just be seen as a leader or a good leader. I want to BE a good leader. Yes, a part of being that leader is altering my mindset.
Today in a training the words "Walk the Talk" appeared in an inspirational video. Those three simple words held a huge implication for me. It isn't enough for me to just think or talk about doing this or that as a teacher, leader, friend, sister, daughter, etc. I have to DO those things. More specifically, this upcoming year, it won't be enough for me to just think "set aside pre-conceived notions". I will have to actually do this. That might mean not commenting in a conversation when my own thoughts or opinions would be a normal response. I know it will be hard. Failing is very probable- and has already occurred!
I hope to be surprised, taught, inspired, and watched as I try this new mindset and course of action.
What other areas do I just think and never do? How can I break the cycle? What next?

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  1. This is powerful and has been on my mind lately too. I like how you followed the thought for a bit and how it'll play out in conversations and thinking and what a challenge it'll be. I too need to recommit to this--so thanks for putting it so well.