Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's in a Name?

The answer is simple. Everything. I have many many many friends and family members who are expecting children at the moment. The topic of names has come up plenty of times in the last few hours alone. Sure, every young girl dreams about having her own family some day, and with that is the list of potential names for those offspring. My friends and I even had this discussion in California a couple of weeks ago.
It's tricky business, right? Naming a person. I mean, it's for life! You don't want the kid to be made fun of. You need something that sounds "right" with the last name. Plus, there's the entire debacle about throwing in that middle name. Oh yeah, and the idea of calling a baby, a toddler, school aged kid, teenager, young adult, adult, and elderly person this name throws another hitch in the plan. The name has to suit all age groups. Yep, tricky.
I myself like the idea of mixing family, modern, and old names together. I have always advised friends to look up 1920's, 30's, 40's census information to see what names were popular then. Like everything else, it comes back around. So, a name that was popular then might be suitable for now, but not overused. These are just my opinions.
As a teacher, I also have a whole new perspective on names. Names are used in primary grades for a plethora of learning opportunities. And there is that sad yet true rumor that certain kids with certain names can ruin the name for life!
I know, I know. I am not a parent. But please, please, please, parents--- don't take this job lightly. Pick a good, solid, joke-free name for your child. After all, they have to live with it long after you are gone!

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