Saturday, July 9, 2011

In other news.

A baby is coming to our house. To live. It shouldn't seem unnatural, but given my living situation, it unnerves some people. Yes, I live with a married couple and another friend. Its different, yes. It makes some people uncomfortable. So what. We like it and we are functioning quite well. That's for another post.

Last Friday, L. called to tell me that the birth parents she and J. met the week before had decided that they should be the adoptive parents of their unborn baby boy! I knew this day would come. We have been talking, thinking, and praying about it as a "family" for a while now. I'm not sure how L. felt exactly when she got the call, but I was excited and yet very nervous all at the same time.

A baby changes things. Things need to be quieter. Things need to be moved around and re-organized. Jobs and working situations need to be re-evaluated. Changes are aplenty. However, pure joy trumps all changes (whether they be good or bad!)

L and J are my friends. No, my family. Even though no blood is shared between us, I have shared a living space and a life with them for almost three years. I have seen first hand how becoming parents has been more difficult and painful than it every should be.

When I saw L's face today and started talking about baby S. (he is due August 15th), I could see the joy radiating from her smile, her eyes, her giggle. She is going to be a mommy. Sure, it's technically unconventional. But again, who cares. We pride our selves in unconventional at our house.

I couldn't be more excited, proud, humble, and prayerful for my friends at the start of this new venture in their lives. I am sure we are all nervous. It doesn't matter. A new life will start in the house. I am lucky enough to be a witness and a "family member" during this VERY exciting time in life!


  1. I am SO excited for L and J and the rest of your little family unit. Big changes, yet, but so worth it. I cannot wait to meet the new little guy.
    Ask L if I can hold him! :)

  2. :) I am sure she will say yes!