Friday, July 22, 2011

Cheating Boater

Some friends and I are going to Ohio for the weekend. My dad has a new house on the lake and we thought it would be a fun get-away for a long weekend. I am pretty excited about forgetting all of my to-do lists, stress, and upcoming return to work. I am looking forward to riding on the boat, bonfires, laughs, and being with family and friends alike.

However, in order for all of this to take place, I was asked to get an Ohio boating license. My dad wanted to make sure that in case I got pulled over for any reason, I wouldn't be fined (hugely) for not having a valid license. So, I decided to go online and take the exam. However, 60 questions is a lot for a boating license! Especially for someone who has no clue about boating!

Thus, the generation of technology. I had one window open with the exam and another with the Ohio Boating Handbook. My roommate also googled many of the answers for me. Evenstill, we were worried about the outcome.

Never fear, cheaters do prosper sometimes- we passed with 88% correct! Now to learn to actually drive and dock the boat...

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