Friday, July 29, 2011

Hours Before Morning

Even thought I don't want to admit it, I know that summer is zooming toward its finale. With that sudden and abrupt ending will have to be the end of one of my summer habits. I like to stay up late. Very late. Generally, it is unintentional. I don't even realize I am passing by my sleeping hours until it has already happened!
Many times I get swept up in a project, a book, or a good movie. Last night it was a new website. It is called Pinterest. In reality, I know it is a silly site. You create "pinboards" where you basically pin pictures of things you like. I have several boards: clothes, house deco, classroom, jewelry/accessories, vacation spots, etc. You can create as many as you like, with whatever theme you can dream up. Then, you just find pictures of things that strike you, and pin them to the corresponding board. Others can follow your boards, comment on your boards, or even pin your picture on a board of their own. It's like shopping and swapping but virtually! More than anything, it might be an idea generator...
Nonetheless, I spent hours last night looking through pictures, quotes, do-it-yourself webinars, etc. The hours ran past while I was in a trance of imagination and creativity.
Even though I might feel the effects of the sleepless hours the next morning, I never regret my quiet time of guilty pleasures. The house is quiet. Restful. Snug. Still. With a household of four and a baby to arrive within weeks these moments might become extinct.
Perhaps I can let my habit linger for a few more nights yet.

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