Saturday, July 30, 2011


The title of the blog here could mean many things. Stuttering. Searching for the right word. Using words incorrectly.
I have never considered myself to be a creative writer. I can write, sure, the occasional letter, thank you card, email, and of course educational paper. I am pretty good at those. But creatively? Nah.
When I sit down to write I wish I had a different voice. I wish my style were more subtle, poised, connected. Instead I feel kind of silly. Forced. Cliche.
I hope its true when others say that imitation is the purest form of flattery, because I try to imitate in my writing. I read. Books. Magazines. Other blogs- and lots of them. I have a few favorites that create mental images so vivid and bold that they make me stop in my reading to go back and linger. Take hold. Study. But even with this apprentice-like studying, I can't seem to take hold of those writing traits. I know why. It's more of a thinking than an actual writing I admire.
All of this leaves me with a question. If my original intent for writing every day of July was to gain some experience writing in a daily fashion in order to relate better to my six and seven year old writers- What do I do with kids who just don't know what or how to write?
I have jotted down ideas in a notebook and never written about them. I have read other people's writing and tried to imitate and gleam from their style, expertise and even subject matter. So, in the upcoming year I am faced with what to do with those reluctant writers. I thought after this experience I would have some great insight to give them from my own writing. Instead, I feel sympathy. I know what it's like to think all day and not have an idea good enough or worthy enough for an audience. I know what it's like to sit staring at a blank page. And I definitely can relate to not wanting to share my writing (even though I don't have a choice in this forum). But every day I did it. I am not sure that I learned something each day. But perhaps the whole is worth more than its parts in this scenario.
What do I tell them? I can relate?Jot down some ideas? Look to others for inspiration and ideas?

I have been telling myself: Just keep writing. Is that enough?

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