Friday, March 2, 2012


When were you last caught off guard by someones kindness?

It is so easy to dwell on the hardships of the day or the frustrations that surface when it is most inconvenient. Does that really serve us well, though? Does dwelling on it really bring us out of the muck and the mire?

Today an unexpected gesture of kindness was tossed my way. I was so shocked that I almost failed to catch it. I had forgotten that importance lies in the simple things. The small words. The thoughts. The smiles.

I hope to savor that little nugget. I hope to pin it to my heart. To keep it as a reminder. To let it be a challenge.

What kindness will you let fill the creases and divots of your heart?


  1. Very cool post and just what a certain too-busy person should be reminded of. :) Glad you caught it and took time to, what was it??

  2. Your post follows up an awesome small group meeting I had with my church home fellowship tonight - dwelling does not get us out of the muck and mire. Finding and treasuring those unexpected simple things does. I just love your ending, the visual it brings to my mind.

  3. Kindness is a small thing that makes a giant difference. Our family tries to initiate a "Random Act of Kindness" every week. I think sometimes we get more joy planning the RAK, than the receiver does.