Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The ol' Tube

I grew up watching television. Everything from care bears to Blossom to The Real World. You see, I was a "latch key kid". My parents worked and my big sis was in charge. That meant we got home from school, shoved our shoes and bags out of the way and headed for the TV.
Through high school and college I continued to enjoy watching TV, even though I knew how reading was better for me. I was a great student and even spent many an hour and weekend consummed in a book. However, TV always got the better of me.
I can honestly say I am different now. I have learned in the past three years that oftentimes there is somethign else I could be doing with my time. I have learned to craft a little, write cards to friends, read more, even blog!
Now, before I get up on my high horse about how I don't watch TV that much anymore. There is one TV show that my psuedo-family watches every week: SURVIVOR! That's right. I love watching Jeff Probst in his blue shirt grill the contestants and make them squirm while on the hot seat. It is a ridicuously complicated sociological game. They want to make friends, win challenges, find the idol, and yet stay on top. Those who are in "power" first better watch out, lest they be marked as a threat. And those who don't do much also better look over their shoulder or they will be labeled weak. It is a fine line on Survivor.
So, you better believe tonight at 8pm, my friends and I will be sitting on the couches with the lights turned low, ready and smiling for our hour of the lazy-man's special: TV!


  1. You know, as a reading coach, I think we really do have to consider "alternate forms of literacy" for today's learner. There is something to be said for the types of learning (and even literacies) that can still occur with TV,computers, video games, etc. And even if it isn't always productive time- heck- we all need a little down-time! Carpe-viewem- sieze the TV!!! :)

  2. Oh Lauren! Thank you for your honesty!! I read your post while watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes, the mind just needs a rest! I hope you don't get voted off the island tonight....

  3. Glad you have a guilty pleasure...only no reason to be guilty, right? :) Good stuff!