Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an affinity for shoes. Like many women. I have tall ones, short ones, shiney ones, ones with sparkles, buttons, bows, and muliple colors. Some are for exercise, yard work, fancy occassions, lazy summer days, and tromping through snow. Shoes can be like moods. They change, fade, and can re-appear when the time is needed.

Today I chose a new pair of shoes to wear. Seeing as how it has been unusually warm for the month of March, my toes were tired of being covered and were begging for some air and sunshine. I was pleased with my choice this morning. My new sandals with clear sparkles helping to reflect the sunshine and joy in my heart.

But soon after I got to school I remembered... new shoes can mean pain. New shoes can mean rubbing in tender spots. New shoes can mean cuts and blisters. New shoes can mean regret.

By the end of the day I felt like a coin: with two sides. I love my new shoes. So cute. So versatile. So fashion-forward. But I detested my new shoes. So painful. So stiff. So uncomfortable.

So here I sit, with my feet up and my little toes stinging! Ah... new shoes. I love to put them on in the morning and today I am surely glad to take them OFF!


  1. A small price to pay for cute shoes! You have reminded me I better get my toes in shape for some sandal weather!

  2. The list of all the shoes at the beginning was very effective for showing your love of shoes. Cool sentence: "By the end of the day I felt like a coin: with two sides." I enjoyed reading this. SO TRUE!

  3. You should get on pinterest.com and see the strangest shoes I've ever seen--shaped like animals, birds, and things, and they're wearable. Hope your toes recover by morning.

  4. You know how I feel about shoes. :) I have a new pair--they are shiny and blue and have a buckle. I love them...even though they are still stiff. I also have a cute new pair that are actually comfortable! You'll love them, and you'll know where I bought them.
    (I'll tell you if you promise to tell me about the book you sliced about yesterday!)