Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just 5 more

Just five more school days until...

*a week of vacation
*days to sleep in
*fun in the sun
*nights to stay up late
*days to craft and read and enjoy
*mornings to celebrate with coffee and a book
*afternoons to spend with baby J
*Spring Break!

But who's counting, right?


  1. I hope your week flies by and that the break is everything and more for you!

  2. Actually, I am definitely counting the days. I have five also...

  3. What a fun way to anticipate break!

  4. I'm counting! Except my 5 days start tomorrow - as in I'm on spring break now not wanting the next 5 days to go by fast! Enjoy it when the time comes!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful break! From the sound of your list, you look like you've got that wonderful part under control! Enjoy...

  6. I'm counting! I'm counting! :) Five days of work, and then 10 days of play - thank God for weekends, right?! :) Enjoy your last week with the kids before taking time for yourself. I wish the non-teacher world understood how necessary this break really is. :)

  7. The last week count down. Make out your To Do List but don't worry too much about doing it all, just enjoy!