Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Lots of things are relative terms. Whether you agree or not, time is marching on and I am getting older. Many people disagree with me when I say that I am "old". I know I am not really old, but 26 soon to be 27 seems old to me. On many days I cannot believe I have graduated from college, moved 250 miles away from my family, orchestrate a classroom full of children, and lead a life of my own.

Here is a list of things I have never done but hope to...

*Drive across the country
*Visit all 7 continents (I can check three off of my list so far...)
*Teach an intermediate grade.
*Be a leader of teachers
*Own a dog of my own. (I could be persuaded on the dog part, mainly its about having a pet).
*Attend the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show (I not so secretly am in love with him!)
*Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
*Live in another country for at least a year.
*Own my own home (and decorate it too!)
*Attend a Major League Baseball game.
*Take a Photography class
*Run in the Race for the Cure
*Learn to sew.

I am sure there are and will be many others in the years to come. I hope I never lose the urge to strive for more, dream, and make those dreams become a reality.

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  1. Nice list! Oldest recently share some things on his bucket list (yes, apparently he has one). Maybe the 2 of you should talk.
    And yes, I am one of those who can't believe you feel old (what does that make me???).