Monday, March 26, 2012

Laughs and Snickers

On most Sundays I talk to my mom on the phone. We chat about the week, what we did, and what the week to come holds for us. I always look forward to these times. We laugh, sigh, snicker, and (occassionally) cry.

Last night was a night of snickers and laughs. I was eager to talk to my mom about the upcoming weekend and my soon-to-be trip to Ohio. We solidified plans, talked time-tables, and confirmed intentions.

I was sitting on my bed, tucked under the covers, with one hand resting on my new book. My good friend, Ruth, (you can read her slices here) lent me a trilogy many people are reading lately, The Hunger Games.  I was excited to talk to my mom, but also eager to embark on the new journey of an unopened book.

Somewhere amidst the conversation I brought up the book. Here is how the conversation went...
Me: Have you read The Hunger Games?
Mom: (very long pause) Why?
Me: Just wondering, so have you?
Mom: Why? Have you?
Me: Not yet. Why won't you tell me if you have read them?
Mom: Well... I am reading the first one now. Why, have you read them?
Me: Not yet. I have the first one in my hand now. I am going to start after I get off the phone with you.
Mom: What?! You are?! Really!
Me: What is going on??? Why are you being weird about this?
Mom: Well, the copy I am reading is actually for you. I bought it to put in your Easter basket. I wanted to just read the first page or so to see what it was like and then I got hooked. I bought it last night and am almost finished. I have been trying to be so careful. Careful not to bend any pages or crease the spine. It looks like it has never been read!
Me: (laughing). That is too funny! Maybe you should finish and return it. They will never know someone read it already!

For some reason, this conversation struck me as particularly funny. I guess I could just picture my mom gingerly turning each page and being careful not to cause any blemishes on the book. She later described how she even used one sheet of paper as her bookmark and would set a larger book on top of it to keep the cover from curling up.

Well, now I know I am getting a book in my Easter basket, but I am guessing it won't be The Hunger Games... wonder what she will find to replace it?


  1. Yummy I'd rather have a book than chocolate any day.

  2. I love it! I can hear you giggling from here! :) Sounds like something my mom would do....or that I would do.

  3. What a great story! Maybe she can give you the second one in the trilogy!

  4. Great capture of a conversation. I hope she gets you the next book. :)