Monday, March 12, 2012


Some people have a special way with words. They can craft an epic poem, a murder mystery, or an intellectual thesis on sociology and mankind. They make pen and ink come to life in our minds. Others of us marvel at this gift. We study it. Notice it. Appreciate it.

There are many famous writers who possess the gift of words. Charlotte Bronte. James Patterson. Chris Cleave. Martin Luther King Jr. Chaim Potok. Anne Frank. The list goes on. Somehow their words became their career. The wrote. They spoke. They inspired.

There are others though, who use their words to inspire, lift up, and rejuvenate. Others who have nine-to-five jobs. Families. Chores. Errands. Stress. Heartache. Joys. Triumps. Struggles. Dreams. Thoughts.

These people are like you and like me. Somehow they go about their daily lives and have these beautiful, fluid words running around inside them. How do they craft them? Do they sit and ponder, or do they just appear on their lips? Somehow they muster up the courage to put their words to paper or screen. They share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, hopes, sorrows, and joys.

I know many such people who hold the gift. Some of them know it and use the gift. Some are still unaware. One such person who uses the gift inspires me constantly. Yes, her words are beautifully crafted and make interesting images in my mind when I read. But, moreso her words inspire me. She has thoughts and ideas that constantly point me back to Life. Love. Hope. Her words are inspired by Scripture, songs, quotes, and Humanity.

I know lots of you are pressed for time. Slicing daily is not easy. Please, please, please. Take the time. Make the time. Carve out the time to check out Becoming. Her gift of words and meaning within may change your heart. Attitude. Life.

Soak up the words. Let them transform you. Allow their meaning to wash over you and make you refreshed.


  1. I think you can say the same for your own words, they are beautifully written and very inspiring.
    Thank you,

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. I did check out the blog you recommended. Lovely words. I love your advice to soak up the words. It's hard to muster the courage to blog each day, so thank you for encouraging us to take the time, and make the time for this challenging endeavor. !

  3. Your own words in this post are pretty powerful my friend. Simply lovely.