Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look For The Signs

The signs of life are often seen in the birds, the wind, the bloom of spring, and the hatching of baby chicks.
Today, I noticed life in a new way. The busy life. The full life.
Dishes spread out across the counter with the dishwasher still full of clean dishes from the night before. Blankets and pillows disheveled from an evening of Survivor and good discussion. Shoes piled by the door waiting to be reunited with their homes. Mail opened and left on the entry-way table to be remembered at a better time. Baby blankets and toys spread out for times of independent play. Computer cords and laptops spread out across the coffee table, kitchen counter, and dining room table. Cups of dishsoap and water left from an experiment with homeade bubbles. Cameras and books and waterglasses on the coffee table reminding me of laughs and filling conversation.
Down the hallway leads to more life. Covers thrown back and pajamas waiting on the edge of the bed. More shoes strewn about and mixed between socks and sandals. The laundry basket overflows with items in dire need of a good washing and sorting. The dust bunnies crowd around the corners of furniture and rugs. They hide in fear of the coming tasks.
Some might see this as a sign of messy people. I see it as a sign of life. Day to day life. Life where things aren't always as you want them to be, but there is the hope of tomorrow. Life where sometimes responsibilities and to-do lists are pushed aside for a long walk. Where a last minute run to the store for ice cream outweighs tidying and dusting. Times when an evening of laughter, talk, and togetherness push the clutter and dirt away in a different way.
The signs are there. Can you see them?


  1. This house looks like it's on vacation--good times!

  2. "Times when an evening of laughter, talk, and togetherness push the clutter and dirt away in a different way." YIPPY! Way to enjoy the moments! I really liked this post - so descriptive. I liked the image of the dust bunnies crowding for fear of upcoming cleaning.

  3. Sweet! That means a whole lot of living is going on here!