Saturday, March 10, 2012

A World Away

In June of 2010 I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Honduras for the first time. It was here that I think I truly fell in love for the first time. No, not with a man, but with humanity.

During my first ten-day stay in Honduras I fell in love with Carmen, Maria, Luis, Marlon, Caitlin, and many many other little faces. Hearts. Minds. Futures.

We played with play-dough, bubbles, go-fish, and tried our best at conversing as much as we could in English or Spanish.

I left that first time with a heart full of hope. We had a plan to return with books, bikes, and more love!

In February of 2011 a small group of us returned with exactly that. We took several bikes, almost 300 books and plenty of love for the 38 orphans.      

Just this past week, I got an email updating supporters on the status of the kids and the orphanage. Unfortunately, difficult circumstances have surfaced. The children have been removed by the government and have been split up. The people who have been caring for and providing for these precious children are not being permitted the knowledge of their new whereabouts.

A few nights ago, after I read and mulled over this email, I could not sleep. I could not get the tiny faces, little giggles, and eyes of wonder out of my mind. How can it be that this really happens to human lives? How can these children be abandoned by their blood and left for dead, then swept up in the arms of Love once again to be torn away? It seems cruel. No, it is cruel. 

I don't know the entire circumstances surrounding their removal. And I won't pretend to. I just know this. No child deserves such upheaval and uncertaintly once, let alone twice in their little lifetime.

My heart breaks today for these faces, hearts, and futures. I pray that they hold fast to the Love that God has instilled in their hearts. 


  1. Ug.... (that's all my brain can process right now in response to those words and pictures)

  2. Your love and concern for these children is palpable. It is so disconcerting to hear of children whose circumstances create such trauma. The love you gave unconditionally to them remains in their hearts and I hope that can offer them comfort in these uncertain times.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this news about the orphanage.I agree that no child deserves this kind of upheaval, especially kids that have already been abandoned. It is heartbreaking...I hope and pray that these kids will be in good hands in their new homes.

  4. May the Lord surround them with His wings of love and protection. What a beautiful experience you have had. I love the line - falling in love with humanity. We have so much. Blessings
    MH at