Thursday, March 8, 2012

Too early?

It's March. I know, I am stating the obvious. But something weird has already started happening to me. Last week I had an out of body experience where I saw myself take out a little piece of paper and write "Summer" on the top. I then made a (for now) short list of things to do in my classroom over the summer. Things like:
*research phonics lessons
* organize word study sorts
* clean out files

None of these are earth shattering things to do, but I am sure the list will grow in the months to come.
I don't know what made me do it. I had no plan to do it. It just happened.

This past weekend I caught myself again. This time I didn't get out a piece of paper. I just started thinking about things to do this summer- but at home, and for fun!
* work on sewing- make L.O.V.E. t-shirt
* make more bobby-pins with buttons
* read, of course
*take baby J to the park and the pool
*visit family and friends at the lake
* find new recipes and cook new foods.
* ride bikes!

I know I need to stay focused. I have given myself some pep talks on the matter. I still have March, April, and May to teach, learn, guide, and grow. But I can't help myself from looking toward the summer. Is it too early to start dreaming, scheming, and yearning?


  1. "Is it too early to start dreaming, scheming, and yearning?" I like that last line. It can never be too early for those things!

  2. I totally understand the list making. Some summers are more looked forward to than others. For me, this is one of them. I was recovering from surgery last year, so for me it was the "lost" summer. I can't wait to experience all the joys that summer brings this year. Your list made me smile at how we stop and smell the roses in the summer.


  3. I always yearn for summer. It's such a wonderful time for reflection and relaxation!

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  5. You sound like you have a full life, a balanced one. Time to plan lessons and to be creative. Would like to know what new recipes you find.
    Oh, great black and white visual of the person stumbling.
    I had to repost this. It had two spelling mistakes!! Was driving me nuts~~