Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet the Author Night... (an idea in the making)

Last night I spent an hour or so perusing some fellow slicers' work.

One piece struck me, and made me want to jump into action.

A secondary teacher posted about publishing kids writing and celebrating their work. In my five years as a first grade teacher, this is something that I have tried to work on. We write different genres and types of narrative, information text, persuasive, and even a bit of poetry (yet to come) throughout the year. We do our own little cheers and celebrate with eachother when a piece is finished or is being revised. We even go next door to the other first grades and share ideas, techniques, and lessons. We often get inspired then too.

But, the celebrating I have yet to set up or accomplish is different. I want to involve families, parents, loved ones. I want parents and guardians to know how really proud the kids and I are of their work.

A couple of years ago, second grade had a night where they invited families to come to school and look at all of their kids writing from the year. I want to do something simliar.

I am dreaming of books and writing notebooks spread across desks, parents and siblings perusing works of my precious 6 and 7 year olds. I see a spring-ish table cloth with cookies, punch, and maybe even some flowers! Dare I dream that interactive writing lines the hallway, leading parents to our room. Here I hope to see eager almost second graders showing their family their internal voice put to paper.
These are my dreams. How can I make them a reality? Has anyone done something similar in a primary classroom? Do you have any advice for me? Are there details I should start dreaming about? Is this even a good idea?


  1. Lauren, I have not done this but I do have some advice for you... just do it don't worry about the "perfect" evening, just take your dreams as you wrote them and make it a reality! I'll be waiting to hear when you slice about it! Good luck to you!

  2. My first grade friend always has a day in May that they have an author's tea. The kids families are invited to come (it's maybe an hour or less) and the writing is on each child's desk and they share their writing. I think she has each one read their favorite piece. She serves lemonade and cookies.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun! I agree, don't think about it too much, just do it! Pick a date, ick the time and then go from there. When I was in high school, once a year, students would turn in their work (without their names on them...which you wouldn't have to do). The work would be spread all around a big conference room. Other students could come in during the day and choose a piece to read and respond to. There was a half sheet of paper with questions so people could give advice to the author. Questions like what did they like, what was confusing, etc. It was all anonymous but you could do the feedback part. People love to get feedback on their writing. Just clarify that it has to be constructive, nothing to hurt anyone. I say got for it!